Pregnancy is the most beautiful period of any women’s life or so does everyone of us, women, declare; having your baby grow right within you is truly a miracle. However pregnancy does come with a few problems and sacrifices of it’s own and some of them are the imbalance of the hormones, which in turn causes sleeping disorders also known as insomnia.

Treating Insomnia During Pregnancy

Statistics prove that over three quarter of pregnant women are suffering from insomnia and mainly due do hormone imbalances. Of course there are other causes of insomnia during pregnancy, such as, anxiety and panic of becoming a parent due to the responsibility that a child brings; uncomfortable body shape with the increased growth of the stomach and so on.

However, the common cause for insomnia during pregnancy being the imbalance in hormones there are treatments designed for the same. Usually the doctor will prescribe some life style changes that will induce sleep since the pregnancy itself is not a permanent case and if you had never suffered of insomnia before there is no need to start taking an insomnia medicine and get habituated to the same besides, sleeping pills have some serious side effects, which most doctors will not prescribe during pregnancy.

Using a Natural Remedy for Insomnia During Pregnancy

You can try some natural remedies as well to combat insomnia during pregnancy but these too but be with prescription and under qualified physician supervision as some of the natural remedies such as scented oils and herbs are strong enough to affect your pregnancy.

Try taking a warm shower before you head to bed, light some scented candles that induce sleep and relaxation, get a foot massage and/or listen to soothing music that reminds you of some peaceful event and relaxes you thus into sleep.

Helpful Tip

Doctors may also suggest changes in your eating and exercise pattern for example, to try and avoid eating late at night, indigestion often can keep you up for most of the night and trying to walk for couple of miles a day may bring you sound and healthy sleep back into your and your baby’s life.

Insomnia during pregnancy can be dangerous as lack of sleep causes even more irritability than one normally experiences during such time as well as lack of concentration, which can lead to accidents or other life threatening occurrences. Therefore, you should make sure that you take insomnia during pregnancy seriously and start treating it as soon as you start facing difficulties falling asleep.