When a person cannot fall asleep nor has difficulty in staying asleep and there is restlessness in sleep or the quality of sleep is poor, one can safely assume that the person has insomnia and is in need of relief. Insomnia may be a result of taking medications, psychological conditions such as depression or anxiety or changes in the environment such as jet lag or changes in attitude as well as events that may be too stressful. Insomnia may also come about because the person takes excessive naps during the daytime or consumes too much caffeine. There are also two different types of insomnia – transient insomnia and chronic insomnia.

Changing Sleeping Habits Is One Possible Solution

Insomnia relief measures include non-drug treatments as well as over-the-counter medicines, and sleep aid and stimulants. Taking the instance of non-drug treatments to provide relief from insomnia one can think of changing sleeping habits which may help rectify the problem and good sleeping habits include regular sleep times, having a comfortable enough bed as well as a quiet room with comfortable temperature settings, and appropriate lighting. Other insomnia relief measures that do not involve taking drugs include a bedroom dedicated to sleeping, not taking stimulants such as caffeine and tobacco, alcohol and big meals before sleeping at night. There are also yoga techniques one can learn for getting relief from insomnia and one may also not take naps during the day.

There are also over-the-counter medications available for use in insomnia relief and taking these medicines is advisable for transient and short-term insomnia. In addition, over-the-counter drugs should be taken in conjunction with changed sleeping habits and chronic use may result in habit forming and over dependency on drugs which may mean that a person would become incapable of sleeping without recourse to taking sleeping drugs. Insomnia also induces fatigue in the person and stimulant products may be used to get relief from insomnia and it includes drinking caffeine.

Insomnia relief can be achieved in a variety of ways and many synthetic drugs as well as medications are available besides herbal remedies, all of which provide insomnia relief. Insomnia relief may also take the form of yoga exercises and meditation which are bespoken of as being effective remedial measures. It is entirely up to individuals to choose which form of insomnia relief they wish to take and that may, in turn, depend on the intensity of the problem and one can try out single insomnia relief methods or a combination of different methods.