A lot of women have intermittent or chronic insomnia in pregnancy and there could be many reasons for having trouble getting to sleep during pregnancy. Whatever be the nature of the problem regarding insomnia in pregnancy some common problems encountered are frequent urination, restless mind, cramps in the legs or being unable to get into a comfortable position. But, there is good news for the millions of pregnant women who can make use of simple strategies that can help overcome problems of insomnia in pregnancy.

Relax As Much As Possible

A very important way of getting enough sleep during pregnancy is to try and relax as much as possible because too much stress and a whole lot of anxiety whether it is because of being unable to get comfortable or is related to worrying too much about labor and delivery will affect the ability to sleep well and so requires remedial steps to sleep well throughout the pregnancy. There are a number of different ways of accomplishing relief from insomnia in pregnancy and they include taking to yoga and meditation which are very helpful in providing relief and a warm bath just before turning in for the night is also another helpful way of treating insomnia in pregnancy. In addition, the temperature in the room should be adjusted to ensure comfort, quiet and be just a bit warm which will help induce sleep.

Insomnia in pregnancy may also lead to not being comfortable and a body pillow or a pregnancy pillow should be used to support the abdomen and one should always rest with one pillow under the body and one between the legs to support the uterus when sleeping. For women needing to frequently urinate, who are very common amongst pregnant women, she should drink as much liquid as possible early in the morning as consuming too much liquid before turning in at night may result in rushing to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Pregnant women may also have trouble moving in the bed and so should use silky pajamas which would make it easier to alternate from side to side.

Another point that is worth mentioning concerning insomnia in pregnancy is that one should not get too stressed out about anything and should let one’s troubles float away as soon as one is asleep and this may done with the aid of a noise maker or sound machine which helps tune out distracting noises and puts one to sleep faster. Trying out ear plugs and having dark curtains in the bedroom should also help with insomnia in pregnancy. So too will creating a bedtime routine as well as drinking a warm glass of milk containing honey and a light carb help the pregnant woman fall asleep and playing soft and gentle music, or avoiding to work near the bed and asking the partner to give a foot rub before turning in for the night are all helpful for insomnia in pregnancy.