When you find yourself suffering from insomnia, if you find yourself up for days, unable to find sleep, you’ll try anything just to fall asleep. Most people hate going to the doctor, however. Especially guys, we will wait until we’re practically dying before we make an appointment with the doctor. The good news is that there are plenty of home insomnia remedies that you can try before you make a doctor’s appointment. One of the main home insomnia remedies is to refrain from drinking too much coffee. I know that with coffee houses on every street block, drinking coffee has become a favorite pastime for many, especially late at night. This can wreak havoc on your regular sleep schedule, therefore, you should try to curb your caffeine. You see, and that’s just one home insomnia remedy and you haven’t taken a thing.

Get Your Exercise

Another home insomnia remedy is to get plenty of exercise during the day. The more energy you expend during the day, the more your body will crave rest at night. The trick to this home insomnia remedy is to find an activity or exercise that you enjoy doing on a daily basis. For example, if you like soccer, try joining a local soccer league. If you like roller blading, save up and buy a pair, whatever it may be, if you like martial arts, join a karate or taekwondo class. The more you enjoy the activity, the less chance you’ll get burned out and quit a few weeks down the road. The more you enjoy the activity, the longer you’ll keep up with it and think of all the sleep you’ll get!

There are, of course, other home insomnia remedies, such as drinking warm milk, listening to soft music, trying some stress relief exercises like deep breathing, meditation, Yoga or Tai Chi. Stress has been known to cause people to lose sleep so a great home insomnia remedy would involve something that relieves stress.

If all else fails and the above home insomnia remedies don’t help, you might have to talk to a doctor after all. A sleep specialist will help determine what is causing your insomnia and how you can cure it. You never know, after your consultation, your doctor might have a few ideas on some home insomnia remedies that you can use that you’ve never thought of before. Then, you can finally get the much needed rest you deserve.