Chronic insomnia is quite a horrible experience that keeps the patient tossing up all night without getting a wink of sleep and is faced with nightly torture and the terror felt is simply unbelievable that can bring anyone to his or her knees. The days are bleary and groggy and there is plenty of emotional suffering as well, and some people may even think that the patient is quite nutty or a secret cocaine addict.

Fatigue causes anxiety, fear as well as chronic depression and it also ages the patient and makes him or her vulnerable to contracting serious mental problems such as schizophrenia and paranoia and these may be caused by lack of sleep or insomnia as it is also known.

Stop Eating Refined Carbohydrates

Insomnia is caused by fast heart beat as well as low blood sugar and curing insomnia may be as simple as quitting coffee after breakfast as well as having more food after supper.

When considering which foods to consume one may take a step forward in curing insomnia by quitting refined carbs such as sugar, alcohol, starches, and baked goods and quitting these will help in healing pre-diabetic pancreas as well as dried and shriveled adrenals that may make the patient want to drink coffee all the time.

However, to quit coffee may prove to be quite a headache for some, and curing insomnia may require the patient to switch to decaf and also take pain killers in the morning. The full cup of coffee should be reduced to half a cup and then later to a quarter cup. In addition, one may need to take herbal laxatives each night as well as eating lightly with less meat and no sticky white flour foods and plenty of raw vegetable juices or fruits that should be consumed between meals.

Another way of curing insomnia is to have nepenthe tea that is pure soma which is a mythological medicine that induces deep dreams. In case one wants to go in for cheaper herbs such as hops, skullcap, and valerian try out teas covered in steep and it will surely help in curing insomnia and by drinking a cup it would induce a strong desire for sleep.

There are also curing insomnia aids available such as earplugs and eyeshades and using bee’s wax earplugs which are warmed by the body and prevent house sounds, neighbor’s dogs barking and such like that could jar your brain to wake up again. To cover the eyes, a soft cotton or silk scarf may be used as a blindfold and the shade provided by this eyeshade does not allow morning light to awaken you till you have had enough sleep.

Using amino acid ornithine or vitamin C or Calcium nitrate are some of the other sleep supplements one can try out for curing insomnia and there are always sleeping tablets available as well. Hot baths can also help in curing insomnia.