When you get a bad night’s rest you tend to turn irritable, tired and restless, which if experienced on a daily basis can mean that you are suffering from insomnia and anxiety as well. Let us explore how these two disorders work can trigger one another.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is usually caused by stress in any area of your life, such as personal or professional, marital or financial, for example; it can also occur from medications and rugs administered in order to combat another existing medical condition you may be experiencing and well as anxiety.

The symptoms of insomnia include having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for a long period of time; interrupted sleep and waking up in the early morning hours and having trouble falling back to sleep.

Anxiety and insomnia are closely related as one can trigger the other. When you don’t get the necessary rest required for you mind and both your brain does not think clear yet it tries and in this process you get anxiety and panic attacks. Anxiety and insomnia are often experienced together due to this reason.

The same process happens in reverse when you are suffering from anxiety attacks you will experience problems in your sleeping pattern, which will cause insomnia. Therefore, treating one disorder will usually resolve the other in the process.

Treating Anxiety and Insomnia

Treatment is available for both disorders and both can be totally cured however, it is important you find out what you are suffering from in the first place. Only a doctor can place a diagnostic and you should only follow his or her indications for the same. Both anxiety and insomnia are complex disorders but with treatments and cure that can restore your life back to normal.

A treatment for anxiety and insomnia may take several weeks and even months during which time you must follow it precisely and without abusing of the drugs; remember that over dosing on either anxiety or insomnia drugs can be life threatening so, ensure that they are never left in the presence of unsupervised children.

Helpful Tip

There are several natural remedies as well that can help with both anxiety and insomnia and which usually are not habit forming or have any side effects. Consult your doctor today and find out which treatment is right for you in order to restore your life back to its normal self.