Insomnia is a sleep disorder that many do not truly take seriously until it causes serious damage to their own body and mind. If you have difficulty sleeping, staying asleep and wake up and cannot get back to sleep again, you may be suffering from insomnia.

The Causes of Insomnia

There are a number of reasons that can cause insomnia and some of them are: stress for any reason such as marital, financial, professional or personal, medical conditions and other drug administration that may interfere with your other senses and trigger sleeplessness.

Not being able to obtain your regular rest at night for long periods of time, you can have different types of side effects such as irritability, fatigue, loss of appetite or increase in appetite, lack of attention and that can be dangerous in itself if you are driving, cooking or using dangerous tools at the place of work; another major effect that insomnia causes is sadness, anxiety and depression.

Depression and Insomnia

Depression and insomnia go hand in hand and most people who experience it cannot usually put their finger on the reason for being depressed as at times there may not be any apparent reason in their life such as a tragedy or anything else for that matter.

Depression symptoms are usually huge mood swings, sadness for no apparent reason, crying for no apparent reason and irritability for any small matter. Chronic depression can even manifest itself through suicidal thoughts as well.

Treatment and Cure for Depression and Insomnia

In order to treat a disease you must first get to what causes it and this is extremely important in the case of depression and insomnia because there have been times when the medication that was administered for depression caused insomnia as well. Therefore, once you find the cause of your sleeplessness, you can start a treatment for the same.

There are treatments and cures for insomnia, which give desired results in a short period of time however, you may need to consult your doctor for the same as self medicating may cause other undesired side effects.

Helpful Tip

Most insomnia medication is habit forming and therefore you must be careful how you administer it and for what period of time as well; follow your doctor’s prescription and indication on its dosage for optimum results, which will not affect your health in the process.

Natural remedies are yet another way to combat depression and insomnia successfully and don’t cause any side effects but it usually takes longer and requires you to follow the entire treatment.